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 I don`t really know how to start this article, being the first one I write so I’ll just start by saying something we all know although not all of us admit it: LOVE SUCKS… big time...
 If you think about it it`s true..
 Why is that?
 Well because it simply does…if u have ever been in love you know what I am talking about…every single mistake each of you does usually suddenly turns into a very important thing from which one or the other suffers…
 But if you think about it a bit more you will see that even though these difficulties are sort of “annoying” it wouldn`t be the same without them… you would eventually get bored of happiness, yeah I know it sounds strange but it’s true.
 Look at it this way. If u never had to do anything and it would be all fun and games wouldn`t you get bored? ... Bad things make us really appreciate what we have…it`s like friendship, we never really appreciate it until we lose it..
 So, even though it may be hard sometimes and we can find TONS of reasons not to fall in love, why not give it a chance?... You never know when love will “hit” you…you have to consider all possibilities and never judge somebody until you get to know him/her even a little bit…
 In the end I must say that everybody deserves a chance at love, and keep in mind that no matter how hard things get we can always find something good in love, and if you really love somebody fight for your love cause nobody else will…
 That being said I must end the article (hope u liked it) and as a final thought here goes this: nothing compares to true love, try it!


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  1. so....would you rather suffer from love (eventually really bad) than not knowing it at all?
    i know you like challanges but this is a little different(i think)

  2. Well, as I haven't written that article myself, it being written by someone who calls him/herself MDFK, I cannot speak as the author. However, I would rather suffer from real love, knowing that I at least found out what real love was and found out how is it to feel that true, unconditional love, than having to regret the fact that, even if I haven't suffered from it, I didn't manage to feel it, even for a split second.

    Is it worth the risk ? Yes.
    Am I willing to take a chance ? Always.
    Am I going to get burned ? Possibly, but I am not afraid. What ever happens, happens, and I could safely say that for that brief moment of pure love, with the person I truly love, I would be thankful.

  3. talking about future possibilities or past experience...? :->

  4. Errm, I'd say, future possibilities rather than past experience, as I do not think I have experienced true love, yet. Love, yes, that is a beautiful feeling, for which I would give a lot to have back. However, true love comes with a bunch of other thingies, one of which being pure understanding and knowing of the person that loves you, and that you also love. That is only a small factor though. The person for which you would give anything to see them happy, a person that you think deserves everything, even though he/she doesn't agree and thinks of him/herself as nothing but a failure in life, that one and only person that can just put a smile on your face whenever and wherever you see her, and feels the same things for you has the possibility of being that "true love" in my opinion. However, it is known that I usually tend to overstate things a little bit, and that romantic stuff and me do not mix but you get my point.

  5. true...and yet sometimes it feels impossible to find that "true love" nowadays...(it's sad)
    btw:do you believe you can have more than just one "true love"?(another interesting topic)

  6. Love is always an interesting topic.

    Yes I do believe that. However that truly depends on one;s perception of true love, as my view on that might differ from yours or someone else's. But from my point of view, yes, you can have more than one true love, but that usually happens in special cases. Nowadays, it's hard to find even one true love. But somehow people manage to do that. And when they do, they'd better hang on for dear life. If you do happen to find your true love, and that person loves you back at least equally, then you must hold on to that person. Only if something very bad happens, or if the proverbial "spark" between you is lost, then chances are you will start putting a distance between you. You will end up with nothing but a cold, dark relationship, in which none of you are happy, but both of you have the "He/she was my true love". If this happens, the only thing I could say is that "there are plenty fish in the sea".

  7. couldn`t have said it better myself:)...

  8. you always have very nice oppinions...:D
    hey...would you comment about here on the blog if you encounter someone special that makes you feel special?

  9. That is only your opinion I guess, most of "fresh" guyz like you(in love I mean), never felt in deep love or, who knows.
    Okay, now it's my turn. "Love sucks"?? yeah, this might happen, depend on which way you look at it. First, if you ever been in love(truly been) you would think diffrent. "bored of happines"?...trust me, never ever you'll trust that when you're spending most of time with your gf, and you can change the way you usualy do things and 'voila, no more bored'.
    Second, in love you don't lose anything(maybe some money, depends=) ), and every loss it'a a gain. Learning from each relantionship makes you stronger, and then you'll get over.
    Like you said, everyone deserves a chance and you need to fight to get it. Reading your article awaked me so many memories, 10x.
    By the way, I don't have nothing with you, 'cause I don't know you, and I've said that you're 'fresh' by the look of this article. Don't take it personally, it's a good start. Good luck!

  10. If I would happen to encounter that "special person that makes me feel special" I will do just this, comment here. But, a comment is, just a comment.

  11. first ,I want to tell you this:"Follow love and it will flee/Flee love and it will follow thee."I think i read it in Florence Barclay's novel "the rosary".I can't guarantee.:)second.I agree with you,love is an interesting topic...When you speak theoretically...I don't think you can have more than one "true love".Love is something you can't name.You can only describe.Love is air,water,sleep.When you love you don't need to breath.You forget to breath...when you see her/his face smiling.You become the shadow,the twin of the one you love...you love the whole world just because he/she is in it...you become a better person...but also you can become worst...this is how I see love...Mutual love...I don't know! maybe heavenly.I wish you experience it!>:D<

  12. Yea Sasha, what you said is very true, can`t argue with that but that is just the way i see things and probabile will keep seeing them from now on:),and please don`t tell me that when you are with your gb/ bf you can always be happy cause that is totally false, we all make mistakes and it`s not always gonna be perfect...
    Second of all: you`re welcome:)
    And third of all i don`t really plan any more articles, if it happens well that`s good but it all depends on NoX if he is gonna post them...btw tnx for the posting:)...
    And that`s all i`ve got to say so far...

  13. @niculau.patricia
    So very true...and yes i have experienced it, althought it was not THE love it was love nevertheless...>:D<

  14. Man, I got a truckload of visits on this article alone. You keep sendin' me those articles mister MDFK, whoever you might be.

  15. strange....i always tought you know each other...;)))

  16. Mnope, MDFK is just as anonymous to me as you are, I think. It's nice talking to someone you truly do not know.

  17. and what if you find the true love, but the other "half" doesn't feel the same way? my opinion-> you're right... love sucks!

  18. If you do manage to find someone you truly love, but he/she doesn't love you back, then that is not exactly true love. True love is at first, mutual love, after that, it evolves into something that is beyond human comprehension. Love doesn't suck. We make it suck.

  19. ce incepi sa o dai in filozofice de acuma:))...dar ai dreptate asa e:P...

  20. Cccccombo-breaker. Ne-ai stricat Zenu' ba. Da, o mai ard si filozofic, mai ales in engleza.

  21. ok then we go back to english, don`t mind the 2 comments higher they are not important at all...

  22. interesting...
    but i think that's not all....
    true love is not necessarily mutual love...
    i believe that it's when you find a special person who makes feel better whenever you see he/she....for whom you'd do anything even if it means supporting he/she from the "shadows"(not being close)...a person who you'd want to make he/she happy no matter what he/she thinks or feels for you...
    and if that person feels the same way for you...than you can say you've been blessed....

  23. Yes, you have a good point there. However, there are plenty of factors that come into play when it comes to this. Yes, you may love someone, truly love someone, with all those little details that you speak about, and that person probably loves you too, even if you can't know 100% for sure, but, between you and that person can reside other people, things, events, you name it, stuff that can affect a future relationship between the two. Even so, this is more of a soap opera subject than anything else.

    But yes, it is possible to say that there can be true love between two persons, but no relationship other than possibly, close friendship, due to numerous factors. However, in the long term we cannot say for sure what can happen. The future is one sneaky bastard.

  24. interesting how the subject evolved. when you got the word "love" in a phrase, you got full attention:))

  25. Yeah. I should write an article about this myself. Some day, some day.