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What about us ?

What’s our point ?

Because of the comments from my previous article (I actually didn`t expect to be so many, thanks for that) I have decided to write another one. Now if I wrote one article, that doesn’t make me a good writer so to speak. So here goes nothing…

In the past 3 or 4 days there have been a couple of question that kept bothering me, although that is not the most appropriate word. Anyways they keep showing up in my head and I can’t seem to find an answer that could satisfy me. Those two questions are:

1. Why are we here? 
2. What is our purpose in life?

Starting with the first question: by here I mean why do we exist, why are we on this earth. For that question there are A LOT of possible answers that vary from the philosophical explanation to the religious ones and so on. I must admit I am a man that believes in God but none of these answers satisfy me because they don`t seem to make any sense, anyways let`s move on.

Question number 2. This is the one that bothers me the most…Why?
Well it`s very simple: we all know the phrase “We all have a purpose in life”. Well yea, I can`t say I disagree but how do we know what that purpose is? How do we find out? What helps us do that? Is it family, friends, our daily activities, what?!?!?

I know it`s not the very best or very long article you ever read but it`s purpose is to make you think about your life as it is now and if you are happy with it. If you have an answer to my questions feel free to comment with your own opinion…

And for the ending I would like to quote somebody that said: “Always remember you are absolutely unique…Just like everyone else” Think about it. …that being said I end this article.

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